Daily Reflections From My Window

March 10, 2021 Wednesday


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


These warm, sunny days are such a gift. I hope you are able to enjoy them. Yesterday, I spent most of the day, with Jay’s help, moving manure out of the alpaca enclosure and it felt so good to get that stuff out of there. Though I removed as much as I could every day, this winter was pretty cold and most froze solid to the ground when it hit, so to speak. We still have one very small pile stuck solid, but I can move that today by myself. It should melt today. Today I’ll clean the matts with Thieves. I just ran out of gas yesterday. My phone died and I didn’t take a single picture. It was nice to be “unplugged”. For some reason, the theme song from “Green Acres” kept playing in my head. You’re welcome!

We did herd health yesterday too and it is amazing how patient I can be when I can focus on one thing. In the past I was always thinking, hurry up, hurry up, get in the barn, to the animals so that we could get their shots and other things accomplished quickly because I knew I had a newsletter to get out. Yesterday, I calmly corralled them into one section and then to the smaller section so that they were packed in and the shots went like a dream. They can feel when you are anxious and they read my body language much better than I read theirs! This morning, I’m pretty sure that this body language means that they are content.

They are really enjoying eating off of the container on the ground. Jay asked me what happens when it rains? Good question. Though we have a little barn for them, they prefer to eat outside. Only the combination of strong winds and heavy rains drive them inside. We’ll see.

And no matter how tired I am, I have to hula hoop. I couldn’t do it without Dawn’s lead! She is so cheerful and genuinely LOVES it! Her energy is contagious. Thank you dear friend! I did have to give up my Bible Study right after though. It was too close and last night I gave Madison a ride home afterwards, which was wonderful! We got to chat and catch up. If they do a study on another day, I’ll join, but Monday, Tuesday and Thursday don’t work right now. I’m still reading when I get a chance though.

We still have snow melting but spring is near. We have to be coming up on the end of the 6 weeks of more winter that the groundhog called for, right? Why has this winter seemed so long and bleak? I guess it just has.

Here’s a bright spot! These little Girl Scouts are so sweet. I bought cookies from them and they attach a thank you note each time. If you need cookies, they may have some!

And another interesting thing. Have a shown you this air plant yet? Looks like a sea creature but is an air plant in a sea shell. I got it on my recent sisters trip to Florida. It hangs from a piece of fishing line and I love how it looks like it is just floating in the air.

Lots to do today and I’m already behind schedule. I slept in until 7 because I was so tired and we stayed up late watching “The Crown”. We’re up to when Michael Fagan broke into the palace and talked to the Queen in her bedroom. Jay remembers when it actually happened quite well. That guy has a pretty good memory! I’ll give you a break from Harry and Meghan.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!