Daily Reflections From My Window

March 9, 2021 Tuesday Hoop Day!


“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”

Edgar Allen Poe

Boy did I open a can of worms yesterday! I got comments on that post from people I didn’t even know still followed my posts. I was grateful to see you all and hear your opinions. Please keep them coming!

I got pms and texts from some of you which was nice and really enjoyed reading the different perspectives. I sometimes start my posts with the scripture verse and quotation intending one thing and go off course. I started yesterday intending to write about spring cleaning and someone thought I was referring to the castle spring cleaning Harry and Meghan. I need to be more mindful. Today the verse and quote are about gossip and that’s directed at myself, as are all of my reflections. We all see things from our own point of view and we can still be friends, thank goodness! That’s what is so uniquely American.

When I met my husband and we were dating seriously, it was time to meet the grandfather. I remember Jay telling me that after meeting me his grandfather said, “I like her. She’s so American.” 😳🤷‍♀️ Mind you, his grandfather was too, but their family had been here in this country for hundreds of years. Mayflower? I forget, but a long time, and Mr. Pepop’s (that’s what I call him but everyone else calls him Pepop) own father or was it his grandfather, had been childhood friends with Andrew Carnegie. I can’t even remember what I did yesterday-that’s why I write this journal so to speak, but I learned Jay’s family history through all of the stories they told. I rely on my niece Skye to remind me of our own ancestry. I like to tackle each day as it comes and only started writing down what I did a few years ago. Aren’t you lucky? I guess that makes me American! At the time I met Mr. Pepop I was working as a self employed dressmaker-yup, that’s my background. I studied textiles, clothing construction and dressmaking and supported myself by making clothing and doing alterations for people. I loved it and worked probably 18 hours a day to keep up. I think that’s what he meant. I was a hard worker and he could see that.

But back to yesterday’s post. Here’s my favorite PM! (Not my photo.)

“I read your post and this is my theory. Harry is not Prince Charles son. He is the love child of Diana’s lover James Hewitt. Here is the father and son side by side. Harry is not royal blood. Not sure why nobody else sees this. Seems so clear to me. 🤔”

A little bit about my friend who sent this to me. First, are they royal watchers? I’m not sure! Are they just being funny? Again I’m not sure! But this conspiracy theory has been around for a while and I’d forgotten about it. Cracks me up though! And that they sent it? Double funny and totally unexpected!

As I was doing errands yesterday, I heard one news person compare Harry to a lightbulb in need of a battery. Good one! Can you go home again? I’m thinking that Harry can’t.

Now to what you’ve all been waiting for, right? The rundown of my exciting day. As I told you, I had an appointment to donate blood. They must have called, texted, emailed, you name it, for days on end so that I didn’t forget. Yesterday morning I got a reminder to fill out my RapidPass Blood donation app so that I could save time. I did, and then did my farm chores before I headed up to the donation center. I got there and the parking lot was pretty empty. I donned my mask, took my knitting in case I had to wait and rang the intercom to let them know I was there. Someone answered and was surprised that I was there. They let me in to check it out. Apparently the blood drive had been canceled but I never got notice. They were very apologetic but the people in charge of the blood donations were only there a few days a week and this wasn’t their day. They were doing platelets and I didn’t have an appointment for that. I got a call in the afternoon and an email last night at about 6 that my appointment was canceled. Oh well, I’ll try again and they gave me the tip that Friday is the best day to schedule.

So I used the time to go to Tractor Supply and get alpaca food and a few other things, T.J.Maxx to pick up some of the great trail mix they sell and to Walmart to get multivitamins for my eyes and recyclable recycling bags. Mission accomplished and I came home and made us a wonderful dinner of salmon, carrots and salad. I think my taste and smell are coming back slowly. I put lots of garlic on it but couldn’t taste it. Jay said it was good.

I finished these fingerless mitts and now they are drying and I even did a hat for my Madison for her to give as a gift. Finally I’m getting caught up. Jackie, your rug is next!

I still have to block them both and I’ll show you that picture too.

Today is the day! It’s already 33* and we can probably move this poop. It’s also herd health day. How did I ever fit in Macaroni Kid?

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!