Daily Reflections From My Window

March 7, 2021 Sunday Lent


Sitting with her on Sunday evening — a wet Sunday evening — the very time of all others when if a friend is at hand the heart must be opened, and every thing told…

Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

I woke up late today. 7:00. I missed the actual sunrise but saw several changes in our view and absolutely love it like it is in the photo above, when it looks like the ocean. I imagine that the tower is the mast of a ship peaking through the fog. Did you see the photo someone took off of the coast of England the other day of a ship and it looked like it was floating in the sky? It reminded me of our ever changing view and the opportunity it gives me for imagination.

Back to reality. The alpacas are quite fond of Sunny, dry and cool weather. They are getting that for sure. I like it too. The ground is frozen solid and as such, there is no mud. Still waiting for the poop to be unstuck from the ground so that we can gather and move it. This week for sure that should happen.

I finished the fingerless mitts but didn’t like the way they turned out, so I started another pair and am already pleased. They start with a broken ribbed cuff. Appropriate for Lent. I’m knitting at night and need to use an Ott Light to see what the heck I’m doing, and the glare off of my metal needles was really bothering my eyes so I had to dig out a plastic set of needles from the 80s? 99 cents. I don’t think we’ll ever see that again. They aren’t quite as slippery but they do the job and my eyes appreciate it.

My hooping friend Mary gave me this wonderful companion to Lent that her church was passing out to parishioners who couldn’t be in church in person this year. Us Shut Ins! Our church is supposed to resume on Palm Sunday. 🙏🏻🤞🏻 Jay likes to say that if Jesus was an Episcopalian during this pandemic, there would have been no lepers healed, no miracles performed, no Sermon on the Mount. He’d have been hunkered down somewhere. Oh wait! But there was plenty of pestilence and disease going around then and He was among the sick and diseased. I’m not making light of what is happening now, just disappointed that the Episcopal church in our area and many, have chosen this plan of action. I miss my church friends and family and especially now, during Lent.

Back to the bag. It contains a “Little Black Book” with daily reflections that encourage you to think about them for six minutes a day. The cover is black and it is small so that you can take it anywhere and read it with privacy. No one need know what you are reading. The bag also contains special objects-sand, a shell, a human figure, a rock, a candle, and of course, a cross. It also has a guide to these objects. I’m just catching up.

Have you ever spoken to someone who is going through a tough time and said, “oh, I know how you must feel” and you do, because you have experienced that situation? What about when someone is going through such a hard time and you want to be there but the situation is one that you hope never to encounter? It reminds me of when we were struggling with infertility. Our first pregnancy was a tubal pregnancy and I ended up losing the baby along with a Fallopian tube. Friends and family tried to comfort us, and we listened as many said, “It’s God’s plan”, or “it was meant to be”, or, my favorite from the people who had multiple kids with no incident, “I know how you feel”. I didn’t want to hear any of it. Then one day, the wife of one of Jay’s friends called out of the blue. Not warm and fuzzy and definitely not my girlfriend-she prided herself on her executive position at one of the big banks in the ‘Burgh-we never really had anything in common and didn’t bond over social interactions. But somehow, God sent her with the words I needed to hear, because she had been through what we had been through. Not exactly, but she had had several miscarriages and at the time, was mother to 2 boys (I think it was 2-at that time-could have been one). She said exactly the right thing and I will forever be grateful to Judy Hannon for taking the time to call. She was, after all, a mother first. I always think of her with a warm heart now.

We never thought we’d conceive again, but one year later, Our beloved Jack came into our lives. After that, we tried to conceive because we wanted to expand our family and it just wasn’t in God’s plan. After a spate of infertility treatments we came to the conclusion that our family was complete and perfect as is. That Jack was the perfect child for us and he was and is. Full of wonder and with smiling eyes and an infectious laugh, he makes every day a blessing. Can you tell that I love him?

So why am I blabbering on about this? My friend Edyce and her husband are in a tough spot right now and all I can do is listen. I have NO idea how they are feeling or what their daily challenges are. She puts on a brave face but as strong as my dear friend has always been for me, and we have been friends since she was born-we are sisters-I have not walked in her shoes.

She called yesterday and just needed me to listen and I did. I had no words to offer. Just listened. (OK, I DID try to make her feel better and redirect her to good thoughts). Today I opened the Little Black Book and looked through the contents of the Lent in a Bag and read the “Walk With Us Guide”. Week Two is the human figure. It reminds us that when we are going through hardships, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been there and done that and more. HE can empathize. HE can look us right there in the face and cry with us and lift us up because He has endured every human hardship. He’s always there for us. I don’t know what I’d do without my faith. It’s a good reminder that we are never alone. Ever. And God sent this message when I needed to hear it and share it.

The sun is out and after online church and livestock care, the day is ours to enjoy. Thanks for listening today. Yesterday we took a walk around the track and met up with George and Dawn for a delicious dinner at our favorite place, Jim & Jimmie’s. There was a group there celebrating something and they were so loud, it was pretty annoying. I remember thinking that we couldn’t even hear each other talk over their commotion. Upon reflection, I’m glad that they had so much fun. It’s good to find reasons to celebrate every day. They certainly did!

So who’s watching the Oprah interview with the former royals tonight?

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!