Daily Reflections From My Window

February 10, 2021 Wednesday


“May his/her memory be for a blessing.”

AJ Levine

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. I spent most of the day outside blowing snow. I complain about not having energy, but as I said to Jay, when I have a purpose, there’s no stopping. Yesterday it was snow removal. He had an early meeting so I got right to it after I finished livestock chores. I figured I got my walk in. Almost 4 and a half miles and I didn’t take a break, ran out of gas twice, but now both driveways are clear. If we had a little sun, it would melt the little coating. If you know where we live, our front drive is about a quarter of a mile long and because the snow was so deep, it took many little passes to clear it. Then the other one is a little shorter but it took many passes and then behind the house, the driveway and by the alpacas. Feels good and I got a lot of fresh air. Then hula hooping (a great group last night and that Dawn makes it so much fun!) and home to Zoom Bible Study.

We’re studying “The Sermon on the Mount” and that included the Beatitudes. My favorites. If you remember, I had a Maltese Cross (that we got in Malta) with eight points. The eight points represent the Beatitudes. It was on the necklace that I had my 2 Nemos on and when I was in the ICU this summer, it was somehow misplaced. I was sad, but thought someone needed all of those wonderful blessings more than I did. I still miss it. The Nemo inside the case was from Jack and the smiling Nemo was from my friend Kathy. There’s a real story behind them filled with Godwinks and maybe some day I’ll tell it.

But back to the Bible Study. These women are from my church and boy do I miss them! Just seeing their faces lifts me up. Their combined wisdom is amazing. I’ve worked beside them at church functions and traveled to Guatemala with several and know that they not only talk the talk, but they also walk the walk, so to hear them say that they will never, ever be worthy of the gift of Grace that God has given each of us is a wake up call for me. Our minister gave a great sermon a few weeks ago and said that God loves all of us, even the guy in the bear skin and horns at the Capital in January. I guess that stuck. We can always try harder, but as long as we TRY, God accepts us just as we are, because he made us to be who we are. He loves us all. Full of our faults and shortcomings. The Beatitudes tell us that. I’m really over simplifying but it works for me. As for the book, I got stuck on the one about mourning, mostly because I have several friends experiencing that right now. The author says that if you are lucky enough to be able to mourn, then you had the capacity to love deeply. And I love her quote (way at the top of this post) as something to say instead of, “I’m sorry for your loss”. Yup, you might hear that from me in the future.

Then we talked about the meaning of the word “Blessed”. I always use it at the end of my post. What do You think I mean by it?

Dawn, you will get the funny here. One of the ladies used the word “shit” to describe something and said, “Did you hear that? I said shit in a Bible Study!” So I told her how you played “Bad Shit Happens But Good Shit Does Too” at hula hoop. And how Pam said, “Did he just say “Shit”? We’re so used to that other 4 letter word that this one is refreshing! Was a “Shit” kinda night.

Back to today. Off to the doctor I go. Checking on the state of the state. Anyone need anything in Jeannette?

Are you looking for a sweet cottage to spend Valentine’s Day with a loved one? My friend’s Pam and Justin just purchased and updated this one! Give it a look. If we didn’t already live in the woods, we’d be there! Here’s a link.

Now off to do chores. I’ve got some alpacas who need hay!

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!