Daily Reflections From My Window

February 5, 2021 Friday


“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment..


The sun was out for about 5 minutes and I caught it and then it started to snow. I think this will be brief and we’ll be OK to move around today.

I had a really busy day yesterday. I like to have plans and then have other things pop in. I started the day by having a wonderfully made breakfast burrito and chai latte at the Mill House made by the most talented, and my favorite Barista, Madison. I didn’t realize until just now that she had her eyes closed in this picture.

It was nice, there were a few other ladies in there and they really appreciate the coffee shop as a place to meet and catch up. It was nice talking to them and hearing the challenges they face as mothers today during a time of virtual school and balancing work and life. One mom made a good point though. She said she’s all for kids being involved in sports, but some aren’t going to in person school because of the danger of close contact and Covid, but they can wrestle? She said how much closer contact can you be? And she’s right! I think we’re seeing the willy nilly regulations happening right there. So much doesn’t make sense.

Next, I was off for my hair appointment. I love talking to Ivana and I just let her do what she wants. She knows what my hair can take. Here I am, color and cut underway.

Pretty funny! I don’t have an after! I got too busy because while I was there, Lou called and said he was going to be an hour earlier, so I had to skedaddle out of there as soon as she finished.

Here’s a break to today-the light is coming from a different direction than it usually does. Strange! And it’s snowing.

Then I got home just in time to unload our little shed of bee keeping stuff and a bit of fiber because I knew that Lou wouldn’t be able to get up to the barn in the snow so this is our plan B for winter. He arrived right after I unloaded the last bag and then we (well mostly Lou and Matt because the space is smaller!) loaded our shed with 50 bales of hay. As he said, it’s a lifesaver in the winter and he planned for the perfect delivery day. Then Jay helped me haul a few bags and bales to the barn and I fed everyone.

This is Jay emptying the feed into our special container. How do you like my fancy insulation? There is actually a layer of alpaca felt behind the tarp and I only put it up in the winter because that’s the only time they need it.

Here’s Siegfried this morning by his hay. And Hammy taking a little rest. They like to be outside. I think this week when the temps dip we may see them more in the barn. Maybe.

After all that work, Jay proposed a lunch at our favorite spot, Jim & Jimmies on Somerset Pike after a trip to the feed mill to get birdseed. Well, that’s not entirely true. He said that he was going to the feed mill and J&J’s and I said I’d go too because what else do I have to do? He may regret encouraging me to quit MacKid! 😜

I think everyone in town was at the feed mill. They were pretty busy. We were talking to a guy who lives in his camper and is a fisherman. He goes everywhere in it and he let us look around. He had everything he needed in it-bathroom, shower, mini kitchen. It was one of those campers you attach to a pickup truck so you can go just about anywhere. He needed that type because he tows his boat too. Oh the people we meet. And then we talked to a bunch of guys and the bartender/server/chef at J&J’s. They were talking about the vaccine and Covid and how much they missed each other. Funny how people would choose to spend a beautiful day in a dark bar but I think they crave companionship. I like their grilled chicken salad and if you like hamburgers, theirs are the best. I don’t drink, but Jay treated himself to a seltzer type thing. He deserved it!

We’re getting closer to a bloom! Maybe today?

It was so wonderful to be out and see people. From Lou, to the feed mill guys, to my dear Ivana, connecting with people is so important, especially now. At least for me, so that left only one thing to the day-hula hooping!

There were 5 of us in addition to Dawn in person and a few on Zoom (including Madison!) and there is nothing like Dawn’s contagious energy! I need to be there in person to catch it. Even through masks, we connect and laugh and there is no substitute.

I got home in time to watch my buddy Tucker. If you don’t like him, I understand but I haven’t seen the show in about a week and wanted to see what he was thinking about. Always interesting.

I’ll be back to cleaning out my computer today, emptying files and deleting things I don’t need, but in the meantime,

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!