Daily Reflections From My Window

February 2, 2021 Tuesday. Groundhog Day


“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

Gilbert K. Chesterton.

Phil saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of winter. Darn it. I feel bad for the town of Punxsutawney. A tourist destination for sure this time of year, but not this one. We drove through on our way to a soccer tournament many years ago and made a game of counting the statues of Phil. It will come back. I hope.

We got more snow. It’s so interesting that when we get off this mountain and go to the real world, just a mile away, the roads are clear and the snow isn’t so bad. At least last night and yesterday it wasn’t. Today I’m not sure. The wind is blowing and that’s never good for snow removal. We’ll get out in a bit and start the clean up. We’re hoping to have hay delivered in the next few days snd we need it! Jay thinks it’s a plow day and I agree. The snowblower may not work so well when it’s windy.

Isn’t this tree cute?

We had to take my car to the dealer for a recall. Subarus are great cars especially for where we live. Amazing how many people drive them around here. They gave us a loaner in the meantime and it was only supposed to take a few hours to fix if all went well. We’ll go pick it up today, after we plow out of here. We’re so lucky that we have a neighbor who loves to plow. He takes care of the road from his place to the main road snd Jay does from our house to his. So far it works out. No public plowing here darn it. 👎🏻

Last night we had dinner with some friends and it was nice. Then we came back and caught up on some stuff. I’m still cleaning up files and deleting some duplicates from my computer. Without all of the MacKid files, it will be like a new computer. I’m not very good at virtual organization. I had 10 copies of certain files, just because I put them in different places I guess. I can only imagine the space it would all take up physically. I’m better at hands on organization.

While doing that, we watched a show called “The Ranch” with Sam Elliot. How bad could it be with Sam Elliot? Bad. We watched a few episodes thinking it HAD to get better. Nope. But then Jay said, “it wasn’t that bad. It’s the story of the Prodigal Son. When they insult each other, they just have to get to know each other again. Give it time.” Not sure if I can. I miss Captain Kirk, but we finished that series. We’re adrift in the land of too many choices. So many stations. So much junk. I’m surprised Jay wants to give it a chance. It’s not British. It’s current. It’s a comedy. Must be Sam Elliot.

I’ve become a news junkie and that’s not good. I have it on in the background sometimes. Last night we did watch Tucker but that was it. No more news. I can’t take it and Jay doesn’t want to watch it. He’s watching the market. Now it’s silver. Going down fast after going up. What’s next? Volatility is good.

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I’m already taking 4000 mg of Vitamin C, 10,000 IU of D3, 150 mg of Zinc Picolinate, tons of Bs, 5, B complex and another one, Armour thyroid, a thyroid support, adrenal support, K, and many more. I get filled up from just drinking the water to swallow them because it’s multiples of each several times a day. I remember my mom giving herself vitamin B12 injections. Maybe we don’t process Bs very well. I have an appointment next week and we’ll see how things are going.

Kapi wanted his picture taken yesterday.

We’re getting closer to a bloom.

Today is snow removal day so stay warm and bundle up. I have to keep in mind and be grateful that all of this snow seeps into the ground and makes for beautiful flowers in the spring and summer. Gratitude and wonder for how God set things up always gets me.

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!