Daily Reflections From My Window

January 25, 2021 Monday


“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

Satchel Paige

I was up before Jay today and when that happens, the first thing he asks is, “What time did you get up?”, followed by, “What’s going on in the world?”. I like that routine. Gives me time to think before the day begins.

Right now, it looks like it snowed overnight. It’s kind of foggy and just looks white outside. I have to call Lou, because I need hay and hope he can come by the end of the week when it is supposed to get nicer.

We had such a fun weekend! First on Friday we met at the Mill House for coffee and breakfast to see Madison’s best friend Lilly off. She had spent the week with them and was leaving to go back to school. She’s a sweet girl and I’m sure she’ll be back soon. Our little town gets under the skin.

Then, in a total surprise, I ended up spending the entire day with J&M. We went to TJ Maxx to look for a nice looking dog crate and ended up with everything but that. Then to a few more places, including a trip to the car wash and back to their place where Jack showed me some interesting music equipment. My dad died when Jack was 3 1/2 and would have loved to see him and help him with this technology. My dad built computers, musical instruments, motherboards, anything really. He was a tinkerer. I love that he sits on the floor to work. It’s a great space.

Then we watched the movie “Soul”. Such a good movie! I highly recommend! I like to watch a movie not knowing anything about it. It’s animated but I never once, until it was over, even thought to ask who the voices belonged to. It just didn’t matter-the story was that good! We have a date this week to watch “Inside Out”. This could become a new routine.

Saturday we ventured to the Ligonier Ice Fest with friends Rick and Barb. Despite the frigid cold, we had a great time looking at the sculptures, having a special tea, and just being outside. I have to say that I am so out of practice with crowds and it kind of was not pleasant in that way. I really wanted to go home and just relax. I don’t know about you, but masks make it hard to recognize people and smile. Yes, even outside, we wore our masks because the streets were pretty crowded. Ugh. I’m really losing my people skills. We picked up some soup mixes at Gallery G and headed home to make dinner and spend time with our friends.

They were spending the night so Jack and Madison came for dinner too after they finished in Ligonier and then we watched another movie (we like movies). We watched “Carol”. I wasn’t in love with it. Unlikeable characters and a plot that I couldn’t relate to. . We should have watched “Soul”. But, our internet has been iffy lately. We really wanted to watch “Escape to the Chateau”, but we couldn’t get Peacock. It’s hit and miss lately. We may need to upgrade and cut something else. Next morning, Barb helped me with livestock chores and then we headed to see the dairy farm where Jack and Madison are living before Barb and Rick headed home. It was a wonderful visit! Madison threw together a fantastic sandwich of olive oil toasted bread topped with sharp white cheddar, sliced hard boiled eggs and pickled carrot shreds. Straight out of NYC. She’s a great cook and always is coming up with something amazing. She loves to create and then treated us all to her special coffees. Yum!

So this memory popped up. I miss my buddies Tammy and Brian. We took a cruise together several years ago. Such fun!

This is my last week with Macaroni Kid. It’s bittersweet but time to move on. I’ll publish my last newsletter on Thursday. 11 years. I learned so much and met so many people who I would never have ever met if not for that. As much as I don’t want to face it, I am not in the same stage of life as the typical publisher. They are having babies, wading through the puzzle of virtual school and trading advertising for dance lessons. I’ve kind of thought of myself as ageless, like the above quote by Satchel Paige implies, but Covid has made me realize that I was just on the edges all along. It is time to turn it over to a new voice and I hope they go with my suggestion.

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!