Daily Reflections From My Window

December 27, 2020 Sunday


The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

Ernest Hemingway

I love the sunrise this time of year. It’s like the sky is on fire.

I changed the ratio of my photo today and it will be interesting to see how it looks. It looked great at this ratio on my phone.

I’m transitioning away from posting to FB so I used a different proportion. Hint: beginning January 1, 2020, I won’t be uploading to FB too. In order to see my posts, you either need to sign up to receive daily emails or visit my site.

Yesterday was another quiet day. I had intended to do errands and get out of the house but ended up spending the day rendering lanolin from some wool that I was given by a neighbor. Jay kept saying that it smelled like cigars (which he doesn’t mind), but I couldn’t smell a thing. Is it because I am immune to barn smells or do I have Covid? I can smell some things, like chemical smells, just not other things. Oh well.

It’s quite a process. First you fill a large pot with lots of fiber, cover it with water, add a few tbsp of salt, boil it for a few hours, remove the wool and boil the water down a bit more. Then you let it cool and lanolin will form on top like hard fat and you skim it off. We’ll see how the wool holds up. It was super dirty and full of vm. I washed it next snd it is on a dryer rack. I combed a few nests last night with conditioning spray snd if didn’t feel too bad.

Also yesterday we exchanged gifts. I gave Jay a book about Scotland-we were supposed to have gone this past August but because of Covid it was postponed-and a variety of movie magazines as a joke. He loves to look at them while checking out at the grocery store, and he gave me a hat, gloves and cute alpaca masks and an iron alpaca Welcome sign! Oh and pantyhose. I said oh great! I can use these for felting and he said “I got them for you to wear because you never have any!” This still cracks me up. The things that stick!

Jay’s computer finally pooped out and he had ordered a new one after trying several suggested fixes with no luck. The new one arrived yesterday and while he waited for it to upload and update, he got into the old computer. Sometimes he reminds me so much of my Dad who used to build all kinds of things-musical instruments, stereos, and once, a computer. So when Jay called me into his office and said “Have you ever seen the inner workings of a computer opened up?” He was disappointed when I told him about my dad and his building escapades. He was so proud of himself that I should have just said no. But it is interesting to see what is inside and how small and intricate everything is. He was sure that replacing the tiny button battery would do the trick but nope, it was beyond even that. He set about removing the hard drives from the variety of old computers we’ve gone through so that they can be recycled. That was a good feeling he told me to get rid of all of that junk.

I’m going to start cleaning out junk too. I can’t find anything anymore. Between fiber stuff, Macaroni Kid stuff and just life, I’m being buried alive! I used to pretend to be so organized. Now I can’t even hide what a mess I am!

One thing always keeps me straight, and that’s doing my barn chores. It’s a simple routine. First I sweep out the boys’ side, then I check the hay, the water. I give them a quick once over and tend to it and then I feed them. Next on to the girls. I sweep out their area, put feed in each individual container (along with essential oils every few days) pull down some hay if needed, give them a once over and then feed them. If I can, I clean up poop on the outdoor rugs but this time of year it quickly gets covered with new snow. Good and bad. Easy now, work later! It’s a known routine with little variation which I like these days since everything else is different.

This must be what the Innkeeper quickly cleaned up when Mary and Joseph showed up unexpectedly. He probably threw down a nice layer of hay and thought, “It’s all good!”

The sun is out today and it’s supposed to be nice. The day is full of possibilities. First I’ll watch our church service via livestream and then? Who knows!

Here’s the link. It begins at 9 AM.


So why did I choose the quote from Hemingway today about trust? Imagine all of the trust going on in the story of the Nativity. First Mary, then Joseph, then the shepherds. Now the Wise men enter the picture. Incredible. In God I place my trust. Always.

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!