Daily Reflections From My Window

December 14, 2020 my friend Amy’s Birthday


“For God so loves ME, that He gives me this incredible, changing view to look at every single day.”

Julie Follansbee

If that isn’t the truth. Every single morning and all throughout the day, I get to see this. It doesn’t even look real. It is spectacular.

When we moved into this house 20 ish years ago, the prior owners had the most awful wallpaper in the kitchen and it went around this window. My first job was to remove almost every spec of dated wallpaper when we moved in. Jay, who sees things as they are, thought all of the wallpaper was the reason we bought the house and kept saying, “the wallpaper is great. I don’t know why you hate it so much”. When I got the last distractive bit down and painted the frame white and the walls a nice neutral color, I said, “this is why I hated that wallpaper so much! THIS is our focus!” He got it then and never says a word when he sees me with my wallpaper scraper. One more room and I’ll be finished. Forever.

I have a tendency to see things as they COULD be. If only. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s not.

So yesterday we had a treat. We got rapid Covid tests and though both came back negative, they did an extra swab to send out, just to be sure. We’ll know in a few days. If they are accurate. Amazing how they wheel everything out and are smiling! The precaution was because Jay has chills and fatigue and I had a headache that came and went. Otherwise, I have more energy than I’ve had in a very long time. Time will tell. I knew that Jay wasn’t feeling well when I saw him in the woods like this. The smile was only for the camera. He was exhausted.

And we wait.

Getting back to the scripture verse in the picture. We attended a funeral (I think I told you) on Friday, and the minister said, “If we learned only one verse growing up, it was John 3:16- God so loved the world that He Gave His only begotten Son…” Nope. I never heard it before I became an Episcopalian and started to join group Bible Studies. I grew up Catholic, went to a Catholic school for 8 years, and we were on a need to know basis. Apparently they didn’t think that we needed to know that. It still makes me laugh and I DO LOVE the ceremony of the Catholic Church service. I don’t miss the guilt and fear, though that has become ingrained.

This morning, I sent this to our church secretary and the poor thing didn’t deserve it but these are my thoughts after getting the word that in person church has been canceled indefinitely. But hey! I’ll meet you at Walmart!

“I just think that the Devil doesn’t have to work very hard these days to separate us! Now I know why Christians felt the need to communicate through the song, the 12 Days of Christmas, people had speakeasies and met privately. Jay read yesterday that a Gov in another state (Jay just corrected me-it was some stupid tech billionaire) wants people to wear certain colored masks if they have gotten the vaccine. What next? Scarlet letter? Jewish star? Tattoos on our wrists? 

The devil has certainly been laughing and all we have is our faith and he’s even working to destroy that. ”

But on to happier thoughts before you all think I’m checking in to the funny farm.

You know that I have been obsessed with growing celery on my windowsill? Well, the other day, last week, I was thinking that “if only” I could find a way to grow celery hydroponically, that would be amazing. I pulled into the parking lot of the Zebra Stand, walked in, and there, on top of three huge boxes sat a hydroponic growing system. I asked Andy, the owner if it was put aside for anyone and he said, No, it had just been delivered. God answers my prayers, as silly as they are, ALWAYS! I grabbed it and brought it home and with the help of my neighbor Sue, set it up. I had gotten a Beta that day too (it was a day FULL of Godwinks!).

I think I need another growing system to keep this guy entertained.

On to some happy news! Today is my friend Amy’s birthday and if ever there was a person that God introduced me to, literally, it is her. We worked on the Altar Guild of our church together forever and only when Jay and I started attending another church did we not see each other as much. We have practiced our faith together in common and don’t get to do that that often anymore. I miss my friend. I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays this year! Stay safe, stay faithful and stay strong. Love you! Amazing that I don’t have a photo of us together. That will be on my to do list for 2021.

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!