Daily Reflections From My Window

November 20, 2020 Friday


When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.

Tony Robbins

I have so much to be grateful for. Good health, a beautiful loving family, a roof over my head, food to eat. Love. Friends. Faith. I am so grateful that I was raised with Faith. Oh sure, I have doubted at times, but it has endured.

I want to change the tone of my post today. I didn’t realize when I posted directly to FB how I REALLY thought about what I posted. I thought about the algorithms long before this election and was mindful of censorship years ago. It was when I started to add Bible verses along with my beautiful view. Every now and then, a verse would get my post hung up and it wouldn’t post. They were censoring posts about faith back then. I was posting a photo of this beautiful God given view and beneath it I would add a verse that meant something to me that day and it would sit and sit and not post. I made a post about that, with no verse, but with the picture and I remember a former Macaroni Kid publisher private messaged me (we STILL keep in touch, even though she is abroad, dear Kamlyn) and said, “Julie, you KNOW how to get around that! Put the verse IN the photo“, and I did and it has worked for years. Until it didn’t right after the election. This isn’t what we do in the USA. It forced me off of posting on FB directly and kind of made me bolder in my thoughts and what I post.

My buddy Connor.

I am going to reel it back a bit. I always thought that if I’m going through something then someone else might be too. I could be helpful and they might share experience to help me and that HAS happened. mattimes.

Yesterday Jack decided to come along with me to my Dr appointment to see what it was all about and to keep me company. I drove out their farm and picked him and Connor up (Madison had the car at work). Connor was spending the day with Granddad. a great day was had by all. Connor and Jay had a wonderful 3 hour hike and Jack and I had a nice day just being together and talking, even though his old mom’s viewpoints frustrate him.

I can’t tell you how relaxing it is to have needles stuck in your face!

After a session of chiropractic adjustments, I headed to Dr. Gerold and acupuncture. Chiro and acupuncture apparently go hand in hand and improve things if worked in conjunction on the same day with a few minutes of each other. It was a great day and I’m glad that jack could come and see what it was about.

I’m expecting 1000 bottles of coconut water to arrive soon for a Macaroni Kid sampling. I just called to check in that so I have to prepare. I’ll be meeting them at pickin’ Chicken. Jay is so over my involvement with Macaroni Kid, I think I’ll be doing it by myself. That’s ok. It’s my thing, not his. I’ll leave you with a few pictures of delicious desserts and a very cute dog. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

He’s ready to go home!

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!