Daily Reflections From My Window

November 15, 2020 Sunday


The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart.

George Sand

Sometimes when someone very near and dear is in trouble, it’s hard to know what to do or say. Jay and I have had our share of challenges and we are so blessed with friends and family who just rallied us and supported us it seems like for years. The road was rocky-my parents were both in bad health and died within a year of each other. That same year I think I lost 5 family members in addition to my parents and a good friend. It got to the point that Jack would ask if we were going to the “hostibal” or the place people slept in boxes. He was three. At the same time we faced secondary infertility that was probably caused by a long undiagnosed hyperthyroid condition that wasn’t actually diagnosed until years later. Add in the usual stressors or jobs, family and other things and I would say we’ve had a pretty full, yet wonderful life together. Because despite the challenges, God saw fit to make me an artist. I never really thought of myself as one until I just wrote it down, but I think that that gift, and my family’s love, got me through those times and more that were yet to come and will still come. Because believe me, there were days I would have rather stayed in bed. He certainly gives the the tools you need when you need them if you just move your pride aside and give it up to Him.

One thing I have to remember is the yin and the yang of life. It can’t be all light and bright, or you would never appreciate the dark. Which we need. The rain without the dry times? How about the cold and hot? We need them all.

So yesterday my day was filled with all of it! We went to Pgh to celebrate a special little boy’s first birthday party. The drive down was an easy one. Beautiful day! But then, on 70, we were behind a semi that was swerving between lanes. Was he having a health emergency? Was he tired? Was he drunk? On drugs? I called 911 and the phone just rang snd rang. I took a picture of the back of the truck and it was blurry because he was swerving and we were moving. Jay took the first opportunity to get around him and he still almost swerved into us. Frightening!

The swerving truck.

We arrived at the birthday party in one piece and it was a nice small group of close family and friends. The Bday boy was having his lunch and he is so chill! His mom, our niece, Bink (we call her that but her name is Brittany) is the best mom. Low key, ever watchful and vigilant, she lets him explore his life. He eats dirt, bugs, whatever. He ate his special birthday cupcake with abandon and then got treated to a bath in Nana’s wonderfully big and deep farmhouse kitchen sink by his Dad, Matt. Was he aware that everyone was there to celebrate him? I think it was just another fantastic day to explore. We need to face each day like that.

Testing the cake.
I think he liked it!
Nothing like a deep kitchen sink!

At the very same time another nephew (Peyton) was having a “naming ceremony” for his firstborn via Zoom. Jay and a few others went to a quiet space to watch that. I wanted to be in the moment and see our little Cooper open his gifts so I passed. As Jay always says, “First in time, first in right.” He was torn because Peyton is his Godson. I’m sure it will be available to watch later. I’m glad we got to celebrate our little guy’s first birthday. There is only one of those!

Just like a one year old. Mom opens the gifts!
The wise older cousin!

I forgot to add that at about 3, I got a call from the 911 operator asking if I still had an emergency. That was 2 hours after I called. I explained what had happened with the semi. He took my info snd just said that he would pass it on to the state police. They were having phone troubles he said. Well, I hope everyone is OK.

Pittsburgh is such a beautiful city. Night or day.

On our way home, we stopped to see our friends Rick and Barb. it’s so nice that they are always welcoming and fun to be around no matter what they’re going through. And ya gotta love their cat. He should be inspiration for all of us.

Throughout the day I got updates on my friend’s condition. They don’t want names mentioned but please pray without ceasing for them! They are wonderful friends!

Today I am off to do a Christmas Market. Am I prepared? We’ll see! If you are in Johnstown today, stop by the Highlands at Northfork off of Somerset Pike between 11 and 4. I’ll be there!

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person. Have a blessed day!