Daily Reflections From My Window

November 10, 2020 Tuesday


“Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a center of fear.”

Corrie ten Boom

This morning I got out an old daily devotional called “Words of Jesus for Women: 366 Refections on the Words of Jesus.” I haven’t read it in a while because it’s been in the camper and I read it there. I got it out because Jay is preparing the Little Guy for a long Winter’s nap.

The page I opened.

Such an appropriate page opening. I guess this was where I left off because the built in book mark ribbon marked the pages. So today’s Bible verse and human wisdom comes courtesy of this book. It’s all about living in the moment. One day at a time. Leaving worry to God. The author makes the point that worry and faith can’t exist in the same space. I have some very wise friends who taught me a wonderful saying. “When you worry, you are as far away from God as you can possibly be, and that is EXACTLY where the devil wants you.” Chew on that for awhile.

What’s with the downer post first thing in the morning? The election? Not really, though these same concepts apply. I really DO think good things will come about from this mess. I think there will be some voter fraud exposed but what can I do? Nothing. I’m so glad that this administration has been so proactive about Covid-19. I’ve done what I can. I wear my mask and keep my distance. I can’t watch the news except Tucker. That’s just me. The market is doing great. They have to get a handle on spending. That’s a job for our “elected” officials.

What’s this post about? I have a few friends having real challenges now. One health related snd one with an adult child. Their faith is really being tested. Even when you believe in God, doubts and worry are there. Trust me. Thoughts like why me? I tried to do everything right. Why is this happening to him or why is this happening at all? As my wise husband Jay likes to say, everyone gets their turn in the penalty box. Not because you’ve been bad or disobedient, but just because it’s your turn. Please pray for my friends. Every prayer helps.

Nothing lifts my spirits like being with a nun in a full habit.

This picture reminds me of the time I went to have my driver’s license renewed and Jack was about 3 or so. We were at the DMV in Richland and a nun in full habit came and sat down next to me, rosary beads swinging and clinking around her waist. That sound alone puts me in a panic from elementary school. I pulled myself together, smiled and said, “Good morning, Sister. How are you?” And we struck up a conversation. A minute later she got up and went to attend to her business and I felt Jack tugging on my sleeve. “Is that your sister?” I explained what a nun was and he had a lot of questions! Still makes me smile.

This particular nun was spotted in my integrative doc’s office yesterday. I had an appointment to go over my most recent blood work. I still don’t feel like myself and wanted to get the interpretation of the newest results. His verdict? I need to increase the Armour thyroid, increase the bio-identical hormones, keep on keeping on with the supplements, BUT, he ordered a test for Lyme disease and after looking in my mouth and saw that I had metal fillings said I may have heavy metal and mercury toxicity. He said my short term memory loss is not normal and the “feelings” I have, had him probing deeper. They seem to be the key.

The new exam table lowers down after you stand on it. No place to rest your arms. Thank goodness it’s not the acupuncture table.

He also recommended changing up my acupuncture treatment. Needles in different places and I have to say that yesterday I felt pretty good. There were new needles in my neck, chest and head. I do have a bruise in my neck and sometimes they bleed when they remove them but I guess that’s par for the course. After the acupuncture they took blood for the Lyme test-4 pretty good sized vials and I could see something different on the bottom of each. Or maybe I imagined it. I’ll have to research it. The metal challenge is more complicated and takes place over several sessions. Stay tuned for that.

A new bruise from acupuncture.

I just wanted to come home. I usually stop along the way and pick up anything I need but I had just been there on Thursday. No needs. When I got home, we have some guys replacing the screws on our metal roof. That’s maintenance you don’t think about. Nice young men whose parents came here from Belize-you might know them from the Johnstown Farmers Market. He is as friendly as can be with his fresh produce and she makes jams, jellies and wonderful baked goods. Now they are tending to their home in Belize. The boys started working for the original roofing company who put on our roof-that’s how we met them and then started their own company. They work long and hard and will be back today to finish up. Our roof is dusty they said and they had a hard time walking on it. An accumulation of dust, pollen from the trees, dry weather and just age causes that. Who knew? I thought it might be too hot since it’s metal.

I have to remember this for next Halloween. When I blow the dust out of my fiber, it looks like spiderwebs when it lands everywhere. Could become the new spiderweb decor-birds will come snd take it for their nests. Environmentally friendly.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my computer challenges but this is getting too long.

Since this is my alpaca page, here are some beautiful yarns in the making!

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!