Daily Reflections From My Window

November 6, 2020 Friday


“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”
Coco Chanel

Another day, no final decision just yet but the market is down a bit. Nothing major, but could be an indication of confidence after being up. The numbers aren’t adding up but that doesn’t seem to matter. Maybe they’ll find more bags of ballots somewhere. Interesting.

Yesterday I had my Dr. appt. IV Drip snd acupuncture. They have an interesting system and soon I’ll figure it out, but they would put me in my assigned location and then I’d wait while they seemed surprised to see me and I got kind of lost in the shuffle. I go back Monday to talk to Dr. G. about my supplements and thyroid dose. Maybe I’ll mention that the system is strange. Maybe.

The antioxidant cocktail.

The IV Drip alone takes 2 hours so I took my work and caught up on some things but when I got home, I found my cozy spot on the corner of the couch and settled in for the night. I didn’t get home until almost 5. I had no energy to hoop and I plan to be back in full force on Tuesday but I missed it this week. Sorry Dawn!

It wiped me out for the rest of the day, though since I had driven an hour, I stopped at Sam’s Club very briefly and Tammy, you were right! As you always are…the Sam’s Club Scan and Go app is a life changer. Thank you! You go through, choose an item, scan it as you go and then when you finish, click check out. You pay on your phone and a QR code comes up that you show the checker upon exit. Amazing! No more lines for me! Thank you thank you Tam!

Life changer!
The perfect plate.

Last night we watched Seinfeld for a good laugh. Kramer watches a movie where the main character is in a coma. He decides that he needs a living will and approaches Jerry to be the one to pull the plug if need be but decides that Jerry is too nice because he can’t get rid of an old tennis racket so he chooses Elaine. She’s become an even tougher cookie after heading up the J Peterman catalogue during Peterson’s absence. How the writers weave movies, tennis and moral conundrums into an episode is incredible and Kramer’s antics always make me laugh out loud. The part that was ironic was when he and Elaine were with the lawyer, ironing out the will. Reminded me of our lawyer and our living wills. They give you all sorts of choices. You seem dead, do you want to be fed by IV? Do you want water? Do you know how long you can exist with just hydration? Oh my goodness. I have written into mine that Jay has to check 3 independent drs. before he pulls my plug.

Looks like another beautiful day and I have a hair appt. on the schedule. Jay is busy battening down the hatches for winter.

Hopefully there will be a resolution soon. I have to say that the Pa Secretary of State doesn’t give me any confidence. She’s been caught saying one thing when she doesn’t know that she’s been on camera and another for show. She makes a big joke about using hand sanitizer before her press conferences.

Ugh. She gets on my nerves. I think she makes jokes about Covid. Notice the bottle of hand sanitizer. She makes a big show while she uses it snd laughs. She’s famous for calling the masks theater. Great example.

No matter what you think of him (and yes, I am a Trump supporter Leo out loud) Trump has exposed the Democratic Party for what they are. The party of the high tech, uber rich elites, censorship and social media companies. They spent more money to buy their way in. Sneaky.

2020 was the year of the Republican woman. More women were elected. He broadened the Republican base. He appealed to the black, Asian, Native American and Latino voters. Oh, but I thought he was a racist? Look at all of the programs he started. He was (and hopefully will still be) everyone’s president. Enough of that. I have things to do but take a look at this.
Something fishy going on.

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.
Have a blessed day!

*Edited to add that I do not expect a lot of interaction on this post because those of you who agree with me can’t say it and those who don’t well…be kind and courteous.