Dizzing Black Roving From the Drum Carder for an Order


July 11,2019

Practice puts brains in your muscles.”
Sam Snead

I got an order for 7 oz of black roving and because I’m so bad at updating my online store (on my list!), realized that I only had 4 oz and needed to make an additional 3. I skirted, washed and dried another pound of fiber and then set about making the roving. You take the washed fiber and card it on a drum carder, then “diz” it off into beautiful waterfalls of fiber ready for spinning. Usually-I’ve done it a million times and for whatever reason, it was falling apart, impossible to get off in one piece. So I practiced, practiced and practiced until I put it down, walked away and did something else. I washed and dried more fiber, tended the alpacas, caught up on some errands and then went back to it. I changed direction and it worked like a dream. I made one adjustment, looked at it from a new angle and I had my prize! Now if you’ve never seen how much fiber is in an ounce, one day I’ll show you, but for now I’ll tell you that from the full drum carder I can get about 1 1/4 oz of dizzed roving. So I did this process 3 times: You load the fiber on, run it through the carder, take it off, run it through again, take it off and for me 3 times is usually enough and then I diz-that’s for one oz. But I got it done and can’t wait to card more!

Dizzing off the drum carder (you use the same process for off the hackle too).
The beautiful nest.

I went to yoga yesterday and boy have I missed it. Terri is a wonderful guide (her preferred word). I’m adding that back into my schedule.

Then home to care for my team. Those crazy alpacas insist on doing their business in one section of our tiny barn, so I cleaned it out, hosed it down, and locked them out of it so it can completely dry out. With this humidity, it’s hard enough to dry out and when you add in their contribution…well, just yuck! In the winter they lay outside under a tree (while having access to this same section) without a thought. For some reason, they HAVE to be inside in the summer-they have lots of shade. They crack me up. We had a talk and I told them they were exiled to the great outdoors (full of shade trees!) until they got some better manners. 6 of them squeezed into the one section leaving the other 3 outside. Hammy, Kapi and Rebel get to be outside and they weren’t happy with me.

The grass always greener.

Here’s a picture of Hammy munching on a little snack through the fence. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Our little nest is full again. To bursting this time. I think if one of them moves, someone will be ejected. They are getting pretty big.

Our barn swallows.
I just love the color of this echinacea.
Back to dizzing.

Have a great day!