Rain, and More Rain


“We may pass violets looking for roses. We may pass contentment looking for victory.”
Bernard Williams

According to my intel for all things water, we have now reached 40% more rain than the 98 year average. I suppose we should be grateful that we aren’t plagued by fires or drought. My barn drainage is working very well. I’m extremely grateful for that! (That’s the picture of the water going out of the drain through the fence.) The potted garden my sister in law gave me is drowning. I think I need to drill a small hole near the bottom to release some of the water.

I’ve never been one for traditional exercise. I like walking and yoga. And now hulahooping! Wow!! It’s a FUN full body work out blended with a massage. If you’ve never tried it, join me Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 at the Grove Hoop Fitness Classes at the Grove with Dawn Georgevich. NO experience necessary!

We’re watching “Turn” on Netflix. It’s about Washington’s spies during the Revolutionary War. Once I figured out who was who and what was what, I couldn’t stop watching. What these people went through and the perils they faced to win our independence from England is incredible. Jay is a student of history and can usually explain what’s going on (both past and present) so it’s helpful to be watching together. It’s especially interesting to see George Washington as a person. His love for his purpose and how many people thought he was protected by God in his mission. There are a few episodes that touch on inventions like invisible ink (who didn’t send secret messages with lemon juice ink as a kid?) lie detector machines and believe it or not, a one person submarine. The rebels ingenuity with sending and receiving messages makes our current P.O. look lame and I am constantly googling to see if something was true or not. There has to be a bad guy and Turn provides one in the form of Major Simcoe. This guy is evil and I can’t wait for his deeds to catch up to him.
Rain continues for the next few days but the weekend looks good for the Flood City Music Festival.

Today I will continue to work on the drainage inside my little barn. I’ll also feed the bees. Yes, you need to feed a new hive, we found out.

Have a great day!