What About All That Fiber?

Alpaca, WTAJ, Julie Follansbee, Alpaca fiber
WTAJ From Fiber to Fabric
So now we've shorn our animals. Now What? Here's a little segment I did for our local tv station WTAJ to show what comes next! Yes, the fiber's for sale in our Etsy Shop!
Carding alpaca Fiber
Carding Alpaca Fiber
Freshly washed fiber.
Alpaca fiber
Drying a fresh batch of dyed fibers
National Alpaca Farm Days, WTAJ, Central Pa Live, Alpaca fiber, Julie Follansbee, Alpacas
Talking about National Alpaca Farm Days on WTAJ Central Pa Live With Dawn Pellas
WTAJ Segment about National Alpaca Farm Days and interesting qualities of Alpaca fiber. Does it burn? Does it float? Click on the photo to see the segment and find out!

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Value of Alpaca Fiber